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Sheridan, Oregon

Specializing in test automation for the electronics industry for production and design evaluation.

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Testing at the manufacturing level should be pushbutton-simple. At Renda Consulting we take this concept to heart, creating intuitive interfaces with clean lines and powerful processing. We provide tests which control instruments, evaluate measurements, display results, and store data. Our test automation software, critical for rapid design validation before the manufacturing stage is reached, builds quality into your entire product flow.

Our staff brings over thirty years of programming experience to your project, plus a broad, general background in test hardware and software. Our clients especially value our expert problem-solving and troubleshooting capabilities. (We love to bust design and production roadblocks.)

But even more importantly, Renda Consulting brings company values of integrity, excellence, flexibility in the face of evolving project parameters, and on-target, on-budget project management to help ensure your project's profitable success.
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