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Sheridan, Oregon
About Renda Consulting
Renda Consulting staff brings over 30 years of experience to manufacturing testing, software development and problem-solving.

Our development platform of choice is National Instruments® LabWindows CVI. The base language of LabWindows CVI is the same powerful language used to write the world's best computer operating systems. Renda Consulting brings this outstanding coding power to bear on your instrument control, product testing and development project requirements.

Now in its fifth year, Renda Consulting provides more than just custom software. Our extensive background in process and project troubleshooting and problem solving means that your company will have expert resources at hand during development challenges and manufacturing roadblocks.

Contact us today to learn more about how Renda Consulting can increase your development efficiency with custom software solutions and consulting in a wide range of development areas.

Project and Development Experience

  • Extensive LabWindows CVI experience
  • Assembly-language programming
  • HP Visual Engineering Environment (VEE) dataflow programming
  • C Programming
  • PC automated control of synchronous AC time-multiplexed motors
  • GPIB / RS-232 / USB instrument control
  • Integrated software control of scopes, power supplies and other instrumentation
  • TDR and TDT instrumentation experience
  • Microcontroller coding
  • Board-level test programming
  • Register-based board design testing
  • SQL and MS-SQL Server Database experience
  • NI LabView experience
  • In-circuit testing

Our Company Values

  • High-quality, "drop everything" service
  • Maintainable, Expandable, Reusable, Correct Code
  • Flexible responsiveness to project changes
  • We put our expertise under your direction
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